S&W provides a full-service package for international students as follows:

Step 1: Study Plan

Our skilled education counsellors will design the optimal study pathway for you based on your academic needs and desired goals.

Step 2: Document Preparation 

Our experienced and professional team will assist you to collect, review and organize all the required documents for a successful school application. We also provide you with tutoring on how to write a winning personal statement.

Step 3: Application Submissions to Ideal Schools

Whether you are in Australia or offshore, we can help you submit applications to your ideal schools, attain your offer letter and obtain your CoE (Confirmation of Enrollment)?  In many cases, S&W counselors go above and beyond to help students achieve offer letters even if they do not strictly meet institutional entry requirements.

Step 4: Visa Preparation

Next, our counselors will send you the list of documents required for your visa application. They will also assist you with the preparation and review of all documentation.  To help you further, we can also book a health examination with one of our trusted providers to ensure you meet all health requirements for the visa.

Step 5: Submission of Student Visa 

Finally, we will submit your visa application and keep in close, regular contact with you the status of your visa and any necessary changes or additional requirements on documents.

Step 6: Ongoing Support

During your study in Australia, unexpected situations may come up. For example, students can receive a warning letter due to multiple subject failures, be informed they need to participate in a hearing due to low attendance, or have a change of heart about their desired course of study.

Throughout your studies, S&W is here for all of your needs – big and small.  We regularly handle academic appeals, school transfers, course changes and smooth over immigration issues such as applying for release letters. We provide you with comprehensive support so that you can have a fun, safe and worry-free Australian study experience.

Step 7: Visa Renewal

As your student visa expiration date approaches, our counselors will make contact and remind you to renew your visa obligations as well as offering you a consultation on further immigration options to suit your needs.